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Meet Jason



The world is starving for real men.

Men of conviction. Men with soft hearts and steel spines.

I grew up around real men. My grandfather’s boots ran across Normandy Beach which meant I learned early what it means to defend convictions with your very life.

My dad was a small business owner turned PGA Golf Professional. He was and is a world class father who seemed far more interested in raising me with understanding manhood instead of merely trying to be my best friend.

I grew up arond men.

Pop culture has been violently and unapologetically deconstructing manhood in general for most of my entire life – especially so in the last 15 years.

In my childhood years, a man was seen someone to be admired. From sitcoms to magazines to the men that sat around my daddy’s clubhouse after their Saturday morning 18 holes, men were men. And they never apologized for it. And they certainly didn’t devalue grit. They were decisive. And convicted. And I listened from a distance about bedrock principles that grew a nation and a town.

Strength was modeled.
Mental toughness was expected.

Today? Well … look around.

In a cancel culture, the last thing you see on today’s cultural landscape is a value system that embraces manhood.

Look … I’m not saying that the model of mahood from which I grew up didn’t need remodeling. As a child of the 70s and 80s, the icons we were told to model as young men did need remodeling, but those icons didn’t need deconstructing all together!

I’ve been serving churches as a pastor, speaker, and consultant for more than 20 years, and it is my firm conviction that the world is suffering from dehydration in terms of men willing to lead unapologetically.

The world needs men.
The church needs men.
The pulpit needs men.
The marketplace needs men.
The family needs men.

Men’s Ministry works because God designed men to lead the way. In the home. In the Church. In the world.

And it is my life’s aim to be consistently proclaim the Kingdom of God without apology.