est. 2022

Real Men Of God Living Among You.

Brought to you by Men Of Franklin, The GRIT Podcast comes at you with a shelf life.

The founding idea was to showcase real interviews with real men of God walking the streets among you right now. Men who are not just seeking to know more about God, but men who are actually experiencing God in real life.

The GRIT Podcast has a layered approach.

The first layer is filled with lessons learned. Jason looks back at great men of God … and some who weren’t great at all. Yet each of these 12 men gifted him with a brutal truth that transformed him in the journey of manhood.

The second layer will put the spotlight on men who walk among you today who are not celebrities. Succcessful? Sure. Just not famous. These are real interviews with men who are living out God’s purpose for their lives. You’ll learn a lot from these men as they discuss their real life successes and failures.

The third layer of The GRIT Podcast will leave you with a biblical truth acting as a plumbline for the days ahead.

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