Wrestling A Mean Dog

Wrestling A Mean Dog
Like one who grabs a stray dog by the ears is someone who rushes into a quarrel not their own – Proverbs 26:17
The imagery in this verse makes me think of my grandfather. This was his sort of wisdom. Funny, yet forever true.
Who in their right mind walks up to a stray dog and grabs it by the ears? The very thought of it makes me laugh a little. 
I can remember as a kid going into country stores that had a game room in the back. Often there was a flipper-less pinball machine back there that would pay out earnings. Usually, it was the pinball machine doing the earning!
My grandfather, Josh Cruise, said in reference to feeding those things your hard-earned money “anything willing to back its hind-end up to a wall and challenge the whole world … should be left alone.”
Some things just need to be left alone. That can include the very situations that surround you today as you move through the marketplace of business. The issue is knowing when to move in, and when to walk on by.
I’m learning that there are situations that simply do not warrant my presence or my attention. I cannot tell you how many times my life has remained peaceful by just telling myself “God hasn’t called me to fix that.”

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