The Most Overlooked Wild Game Dinner Strategy

The Most Overlooked Wild Game Dinner Strategy


  1. Jason,

    In your experience what have you found to be the best way or ways to approach a person who has just accepted Jesus at a Wild Game Dinner shortly after the guest speaker shared the Gospel? Should we invite them to meet us immediately or after the event? What are some good ideas that you’ve seen other churches do? What do you believe are the best ways to follow up with those people who made decisions…A phone call, visit, etc.?
    I’m looking forward to your response.

    In His Service,

    Pastor Bob

    • Hey Bob … I have seen it best work out when you meet with a new believer by responding to their commitment card with a phone call. Nothing intense, just call them and follow up. Yet I would have an idea in mind; like trying to get lunch with that person very soon, or do something, anything that you can do to get into their lives just a little bit on the front end.

      Here’s a link to answer your question about ideas for “follow up” at large:


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