When Clear Lines Go Foggy

When Clear Lines Go Foggy
The older I get the more I realize that I’m never going to have everything I think I need.
Let me say on the outset, I’m not coming at this from a standpoint of a wanderlust or greed mentality where an insatiable appetite for more is what drives my mentality. No, what I mean is this: in life there are needs and there are wants.
The deception, the lie from the enemy, is that the clearly defined, seemingly obvious line that separates needs from wants is often so badly blurred beyond simple comprehension to a point that a man starts to tell himself that those things that he wants are actually things he desperately needs to make life more stable.
Jesus told me to “seek first the kingdom of God” and when He said those words it was the in middle of a discussion about anxiety, worry, and stability.
I’m learning that I can’t live the life I don’t have.
I can only be faithful to the life I have now.
And what I have, right now, is what God means for me to have today.
And that’s enough.

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