Trophy Photos Ruined Forever

Trophy Photos Ruined Forever

Better Field Photos is a simple concept: quick tips for the average hunter wanting to capture trophy photos on a smartphone simply by knowing how to take better images in the field. 

9pointerThe problem with this shot is what is wrong with the vast majority of all of us who take photos anywhere . . . it’s simply too wide. In most cases, people want to take photos and get everyone in the shot. That’s fine if you have to do that for a group shot, but what makes a photo interesting is people, and more importantly, emotion in the eyes and face of the people in the photo. You simply cannot capture emotion at a wide angle in most cases. 

This was a brute of a 9 pointer that I shot years ago, and I’ll never have a great picture of it, because I simply didn’t know how to take decent photos back then. Lessons learned from failure are the best lessons, but the education is brutal! (click on the photo for a better view)

I see this all the time when guys take field photos of turkeys. They want to get the beard, spurs, and whole bird into the shot. I promise you, the beard would need to be 27 inches long in order for it to look as big as you think it’s going to look. Forget trying to show off all the animal. 

JasonMerriamHere you see me with a Merriam I killed in South Dakota while filming with some of the Realtree crew. The photographer captured what makes this photo strong: the Merriam’s fan and the old, abandoned home place. Had he tried to capture all of it, the bird, the beard, the person, the landscape, he’d have lost all of it. 

Don’t try and get the entire animal into the photo. Get up close and personal, and get the angle that gives you the best of the hunter’s emotions and the animal’s best feature. 

Be sure to read Your Picture Tells Your Story written by Jason Cruise for Sportsman Channel. A quick yet critical article foundational for capturing memories that last a lifetime. 

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