Putting life to words. In the most simple sense, that’s where it started for me. Never would I have dreamed that writing faith-based short stories targeting hunters would lead me down a road to working with publishers for the rest of my life.

There are three major tributaries where you can access my work in the marketplace. Click the banner to access the work.


It’s a 60 second devotion for hunters that is over a decade in print, and it is the most nationally recognized content I’ve ever created. Now in book form as well. You can have the 60 second devotion sent straight to your inbox on Monday mornings by clicking the banner.


All of which are still in print circulation today. Available at bookstores everywhere.

A host of blogs, articles, and tips, that often include videos, covering a wide genre of hunting. Clicking the banner will take you to The Reel and from there you can access both Sportsman Channel and Mossberg content.