Life on the Edge

Life on the Edge

A king posted a job opportunity in search of a professional carriage driver to take him on journeys that included both his personal and business affairs. On the posting, applicants were told to apply in person in the king’s office at the central court building.

Three men applied.

The first gentleman to arrive to the interview approached the king and told him that he was most certainly a driving professional.

The king posed this simple scenario, “Sir, my estate is high atop a mountain ridge. The only road accessing my home is not only narrow, and there is no shoulder. In some places, if you were to run a carriage wheel even a few inches off the roadway, we would face certain death from falling 600 feet to the canyons below. The problem is, bandits know that this road is narrow, and several times a year I will most certainly face would-be robbers and even assassins. If we slow down, they will steal whatever fortunes I am carrying that day, not to mention the fact that my family will be placed in danger as they often travel with me. Therefore, we cannot slow down and we must travel at a high rate of speed.

So my question is, sir, knowing that the road is curvy and there is no margin for error, how close to the edge are you willing to travel?”

The first applicant replied, “King, I am a professional driver. I would be willing to travel within three feet of the edge at a high rate of speed.

The king posed the same scenario to the second applicant to which he replied, “My king, I am an incredibly competent driver, and I’d be willing to drive within eighteen inches of the edge at a high rate of speed.” The king thanked bothmen and told them they would receive a response later in the day when the interviews were over.

Upon arrival the third applicant was confronted with the same scenario, to which he responded, “My king, didn’t you say that your family would be traveling with you several days a week? I know they mean more to you than life itself, and even on the days when you don’t have your family on board, you are irreplaceable to your family and to our country.  Since I’ll be carrying such precious cargo, my king, I would think that you would want me to stay as far away from the edge as humanly possible.

Joy entered the eyes of the king as he awarded this wise manwith the position.

Every man believes lies from the enemy when we feel we possess the power within us to live life close to the margins of sin without stepping over the line. Life on the edge means there is no margin for error.

Be of sober spirit, be on the alert. Your adversary, the devil, prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour – 1 Peter 5:8


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