Meet Jason Cruise

I was a mess.

I was a hunter trapped in an office. 

I was pastoring a church, and it was killing me. Don't get me wrong. I loved it.

What was killing me wasn't the preaching, or even the people. Well, that's not totally honest. Some of the people were killing me, slowly.

That's ministry and no big deal.
Comes with the call.

No, what was killing me was deep inside my soul. This quiet longing that I would try and shut down time, and time, and time again.

It was my deep desire to find a way to turn my love for hunting into a way to serve God as a hunter. 

That's me with my dad in 1997 at the first church I ever pastored in Texas.

I even felt guilty about the fact that hunting was on my mind all the time.

Does a bull apologize and feel guilty for having horns?


Yet I was feeling guilty because of my love for hunting.

That is, until God began to put into my heart dreams and desires and visions that became conversations and research that became concepts and strategies which turned into resources by which I could turn that passion into a way to reach hunters.

So, that's what I did.

I went from just being a hunter ... to hunting on purpose.

I left a great church, a great salary, a staff, a retirement package, and things like an office (which I took for granted), to pursue God's call on my life to reach men who live for the pursuit.

I had no idea that what felt like a step into sheer unknown nothingness would become the most epic, and equally demanding, journey I could ever imagine. 

I had chased the Wapiti. I had ​countless battles with spring strutters. I had trekked the arctic tundra for Caribou. 

I thought I had hunted, but I had never been on a hunt like this.

So here I am well over a decade later.

I've written books for publishers, created Bibles for hunters, hosted TV shows, produced countless numbers of DVDs, and spoken to thousands upon thousands of hunters at live events in the last 15 years.

​None of which would have ever happened if I'd continued living with the guilt of being a hunter sitting in the office of a pastor. 

And I've done it all with the freedom of knowing I'm serving God by living out His call on my life. It doesn't make it easy, but it does make it worth it. 

If you really want the laundry list of all the stuff I've done, like education, bio, and a list of published works, then you can click here.

There's a video you may want to watch down below. It's a quick backstory of my journey using my love for hunting to reach hunters. 

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