Digging Deep

Digging Deep
A personal trainer once challenged me simply to write down every single thing I ate for a seven day stretch of time. Every thing I ate had to be written down, no exceptions. So I did.


Let me tell you, my brother, I learned from that one-week period that we are all, every one, incredibly optimistic, and often living in complete oblivion, when it comes to the caliber of our nutrition.


Have you ever taken the time to audit the subjects over which you tend to pray? Once again, it can be pathetically revealing. 


May the Lord direct your hearts into the love of God and into the steadfastness of Christ. – 2 Thessalonians 3:5


Paul had some friends in the faith that he cared deeply about, and yet oddly enough he wasn’t praying for a list of their greatest needs. No. In fact, he wasn’t praying for what they were “asking” him to pray over at all. He was praying for what they needed most: a deeper understanding of the love of God.


Here’s what I’ve learned about wrestling with God’s love for me: God has no performance standard.
Seriously, would you want Him to? Would you, seriously, want God to love you based on how you acted?


God loves me, and His love for me isn’t based on what I can do for Him, or what I can do in His name. Sounds simple, but try it sometime. It’s far more difficult to live under this simplicity than you realize.


The more I wrap my mind around the simple truth that His love for me has no driving force other than love itself, it’s in those times that I find I am in need of nothing.


When a man loses sight of the simple truth that his Heavenly Father isn’t driven by performance standards, it is then that he’ll travel down neurotic paths searching for significance. I find that the tighter my grip is on God’s love for me, the looser my grip becomes on things that surround me.

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