Keeping Distance.

Keeping Distance.

Men are taught that we can handle situations.
No man wants to think any one or any thing is stronger than he is.

Keep your way far from her …
Proverbs 5:8 

Solomon tells us that there are habits, environments, situations, or even people, that you simply don’t go near. For this reason: once a man plays with danger and doesn’t get burned, he will play with it again. His tolerance level for the rush of being in the mix of no-man’s land and walking away give him a false sense of security.

You and I both know that his day is coming.

Real, righteous, genuine strength, is found in knowing that the decades of labor it has taken to build your life up to this point are far too precious to risk. Keep your distance from the adulteress, and anything that may even dimly bear her reflection.


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