iPhone Photography For Hunters

iPhone Photography For Hunters

ToteGroup4iPhone photography for hunters looks a little different. After all, we’ve got dead animals in most every frame! Even still, just a little bit of insight can help you capture trophy iPhone photography that lasts a lifetime. In the end, that’s what a picture is: a lifetime of stories, strung together, telling your story to your family that comes after you. 

You can take world class shots with an iPhone these days. There’s never been a time in the history of iPhone photography, or any smartphone for that matter, when capture memories is as easy as it is today. 

This is a shot I was took to showcase Banded’s 900D tote strap. Banded makes incredibly solid gear, and that was the feature purpose of this photo. 

What makes this photo creative is that I intentionally shot into the sun; which is normally not wise to do. However, if you know the rules, then you know when to break them. I used the tree to “block” the majority of the sun, which gives the photo a blurred background by partially blocking sun as an effect. 

Use blockers to block light, and you can create some cool images in the field. 

(click image for larger view)


Other Strengths Of This Photo: 

  • Image isn’t too wide. The green heads in the tote are enough to let a hunter know we stomped the ducks that day. No need to show the ducks full body.
  • Photo use the Rule Of Thirds and thus brings in the entire landscape.

This article is part of a series called Better Field Photos. It’s a series of quick tips for the average hunter wanting to capture trophy moments on a smartphone simply by knowing how to take better images in the field. 

Be sure to read Your Picture Tells Your Story written by Jason Cruise for Sportsman Channel. A quick yet critical article foundational for capturing memories that last a lifetime. 

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