Drama And A Question Worth Asking.

Drama And A Question Worth Asking.

Working with micro-managers has never been easy for me. Ever. I’m not a guy sweats the details. People who sweat the finite details make me sweat, too – usually with some internalized anger, mixed with a pinch of bitterness, and marinated for a few days in thoughts of retaliation.

hen again, I’m sure I make them sweat, too. I’m sure that when it comes to me they have to have their own conversations with God about attitude readjustments.

If possible, so far as it depends on you, be at peace with all men. – Romans 12:18

A man must ask himself: is this a battle worth fighting?

It’s amazing to me, when I step back and do my best to be objective, that I’ll find the battle was not nor is not, in fact, worth fighting at all because it never was intended to be a battle. It was more like a riff. A skirmish. A bit of sideways popping up on my life’s radar that was gone as fast as it appeared. More often than not, the drama was over something that, in the greater kingdom of God, really didn’t matter at all.

Peace, in my experience, is most easily achieved between me and someone else when I am at peace with God.

Said another way, when I allow myself to trust God with the outcome, peace resides in my heart. When my heart is content, my attitude tends to follow . . . without the use of a leash.


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