Lies We Believe About Confession.

Lies We Believe About Confession.

After two decades of ministry I've learned something about every one of us walking the planet: we all have things going on inside us that need to be treated in order to be healed. We all know that healing, in many cases, requires surgery.

After two decades of ministry I’ve learned something about soul surgery: surgery is done in the light, for it is never done in the dark.

Something else I’ve learned about all of us who carry around things inside of us, things that often require soul surgery, is that every person has a deep need to keep those things, those problematic spiritual tumors, hidden from view. The motives are simple: you do not want people knowing about a struggle with unresolved anger. You worry what those closest to you would think if they only knew that you viewed pornography occasionally. You are terrified about what another person might think of you if they knew that you secretly fought wars with materialism.

Confession And Darkness Forever Want To Co-exist. 

So, you keep it in the dark. Where it seems like it’s safe. The problem is, that’s a lie, and you’re believing a lie to make you think that you can live with it safely in the dark.

When I kept silent about my sin, my body wasted away.
-  Psalm 32:3 -

David said his body wasted away from lack of confession. I’ve seen it myself. Silence kills the heart. When you keep things in the dark, the enemy can lie to you all the more, because darkness distorts reality. The reality is that everybody has something going on in their past. You are not alone, you’re just choosing to live alone.

The truth is, you cannot possibly fathom how many people there are, right now, who will show you more grace, more hope, and more practical truths, people who have “been there,” and can walk you out of your surgery, if you’ll only let them know.
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