The world needs men.

Real men. Unapologetic men. The world neesd real, unapologetic men unafraid to engage a lost culture with the timeless truths of Jesus Christ.

 I grew up around real men. My dad was the toughest man I knew. I was never afraid when he was around.

He owned a small hunting and fishing store in a small town in Tennessee, and I'd sit there on Saturday mornings listening to men share stories of what happend in the woods and on the water.

My grandaddy fought in World War II and his boots crossed Normandy beach. He was also the strongest man I knew. My life was surrounded by real men. Unapologetic men.

So I suppose it would be natural to say that I was engrossed in a culture of conviction. I saw from the earliest age that real men live and breathe conviction. 

My journey took a turn when I was 17 years old. It was then that I became convicted about my convictions. I knew something was missing, and that's when I discovered that real men follow Jesus. He had been the bedrock that my convictions were missing. And since that day, my journey has been nothing short of a winding road where faith and convictions collide to become one strong force that can carry a man into a world that desperatley needs men. 

I am a husband. A father. An author. I am the pastor of an amazing church. Most importantly, I'm a follower of Jesus. ​

I write books. You can see them here if you'd like.

I've been published several times over and I work with publishers to try and form gospel truths that grab the heart of a man seeking to find God through the maze of the hardwoods.

I've been allowed to direct and produce projects that have shared the gospel with thousands upon thousands of men across North America. I've been given the honor to travel the nation speaking to scores of men in conference settings - men who would never come to the average Sunday morning meeting.

I've seen the bank account low, and I've seen it full. I've looked through the camera lens filming hunts for mission projects in the Arctic Circle and thought, "I can't believe I'm getting paid to do this in the name of Jesus."

I've experienced incredible successes, and I've been confounded over mistakes and failures and even rejection at times. 

And yet none of the good and none of the bad - none of it - would have happened ​if I'd been afraid of the risk of the unknown. 

I don't know where the path leads next.

I do know that I'm not scared to take it.

The Author knows how it's going to end. And that's sovereign enough for me.