Apps I Use In The Field

Apps I Use In The Field

Today’s technology has made every hunt carry the possibility of a story. When filming a hunt people often ask me what apps for hunting work best in terms of photography. During hunting season one of my videos or articles will be scheduled to post that very day with Sportsman Channel, and I need to post a photo to let my followers know it’s up.

It’s not uncommon that I’ll take field photos on the spot and post them to various social media feeds to boost the awareness of the feature. 

When it comes to apps for hunting photos, honestly, I only use a few. And, the secret to that is simple: pick the right apps and know how to use them well. 

You don’t need to over-do it. Many people today are posting things with weird filters on them from apps they bought just to get some jacked up, off the way, or weird look because it’s easy. Touch a filter button in the app and you’re done.

Not me. 

Think through an image and you’ll be glad you did. 

My “go to” apps are: 

snapseedSnapseed. The reason I use Snapseed is because there’s a ton of variety in this app for blurs, color correction, and a host of looks you can choose from; but, you can manipulate every single filter you choose in a million ways, and that makes a photo unique to your creativity. 

phontoPhonto. I cannot brag enough about this app. However, most people underutilize it. You’ve got to play with Phonto a lot to understand how to work through the interface. There’s a ton of diversity and you gotta dig for it. That being said, this app has been a life saver for me in the field. 

Typically, I’ll put an image into Snapseed to color correct it first. Get it “balanced” as a standard photo.

Then, save it. So that you’ll have a great photo.

After that, take it back into Snapseed and put your own sauce on it!

From there, take it to Phonto to incorporate messaging.

Here are some images from hunts past using these apps.

Click thumbnails to see full size: OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPhoto Apr 30, 1 28 30 PMIMG_0282


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