JC_CIRCLEI was a mess. I was a hunter trapped in an office. I was pastoring a church, and it was killing me. Don’t get me wrong. I loved it. What was killing me wasn’t the preaching, or even the people. Well, that’s not totally honest. Some of the people were killing me, slowly…

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Men’s Ministry: Start Where You’re Standing

Men’s Ministry: Start Where You’re Standing

Men's Ministry and influence are forever tied together. The entire point of men's ministry is that you can influence men to move the Kingdom of God forward in the lives of men who are leading families toward Christ-like journeys that last through the struggle. I've seen a trend, however, in men's ministry when it comes to doing what I do within the hunting community. I notice a lot of men envy other ministries or ministry personalities. Envy can show up in subtle forms. Envy, like every other sin, is often a quiet start in a direction far away from God. My experience is that sin tends to start small, you tend not to notice it so much, because something as subtle as envy feels a long way from stealing or murder. You'd be stunned at how often I hear men talk about how they wish they could have a place in the world of men's ministry that has big impact. A foothold of sorts, where their lives make a difference. The truth is, they already have it, but they don’t see it. A man will often look at what he wishes he had, instead of looking at what he actually has in front of him. It’s the devil’s way of keeping a man on the bench while he entertains the thought of waiting to get into the game. “You were faithful with a few things, I will put you in charge of many things.”     - Jesus -  My grandfather fought in World War II. He said he’d been reassigned to a unit that, in his words, “had a... read more